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Do you own a sports car but can’t check out all its performance because your license has been suspended? Is there a family-friendly Volvo parked in front of your house, but you can’t find your license to drive it? Simply need quick proof that you’re of legal age? All your problems vanish as soon as you get a fake driver’s license.

Unlike your local transport office or department of transportation, we have no ridiculously demanding requirements for driving licenses. Anyone can get one without learning road rules and taking driving classes. We also have no waiting periods and driving experience restrictions for all driver’s licenses for sale. They are instantly available and database-registered to ensure the safest experience for you.

What driver’s licenses for sale can you choose from?

If you only need a license to prove your age, any option is a safe bet. For other purposes, you’ll have to decide on several things:

  • Country. Holding a US driving permit doesn’t mean you can drive a vehicle in Europe and vice versa. Any country’s license has unique design features and should be picked with care when you buy a driver’s license online. Although nothing keeps you from ordering one for US or European countries from us, we do advise you to think carefully to grab your perfect fit.
  • Category or class. We can serve as your source of category B licenses, class D permits, and any other categories and classes, whichever way you slice it. To choose the right one, think of what type of vehicle you own or are going to buy. Multiple-category licenses are available too.
  • Cost. If you don’t have six figures in your checking account, you can’t disregard the cost of a driving permit. Getting a fake driver’s license starts with looking at the price tag, which is mostly determined by the type of document. What category or class you pick also affects what you’ll need to pay for your permit.
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Simple how-to ordering guide

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If you’re done with your decision-making, you’re all set to purchase a driver’s license online. Forget about booking appointments. We are reachable without those to expedite the process for you.


To order your fake driving license online, go here to find our WhatsApp, email, and other contact details. Filling out a form on this page can also take you to the next step, which is sharing what permit you need (category, class, country, etc.). The information to be exposed on your license is also required.


Once we have all the permit holder’s details, we’ll share payment, home delivery, and tracking information. Your driving license will then be discreetly shipped.

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